nature inside - KUBU chair

photos elvs

I really like the ongoing natural trend that we see more and more...
a lot of greens, wood, bamboo, wicker baskets and other natural materials
such a great idea... Bringing the outdoor in! 

So when dutch online store FONQ.nl asked me if I was interested in making a review
about the Dutchbone Kubu chair it also was a great chance to update
 and redecorate my living room! I thought my minimalistic home could use
 a touch of nature and experimenting with how to bring more nature in my home and 
to create a warm atmospere for this coming Autumn is always a good idea!

The natural look and feel of Dutchbone Kubu is what makes this handicraft chair so special! 
 The rattan material is wrapped around the black, iron frame and that
 beautiful combination gives the chair also a stylish industrial look. 

I love simplicity and by making a moodboard with a few beautiful
 green leaves from my garden and some stunning photos of my favourite 
fashion magazines I started to create a little urban jungle on my kitchenwall. 
The added fresh green plants on the bench in the livingroom 
completed my version of bringing more of nature inside my monochrome home!

Really love the fact that adding only a few new (natural) details 
really made the difference... did you already brought some nature inside? 

this post is made in collaboration with FONQ.nl a dutch contemporary online store with more than 40.000  colorful and special products 
that make life just a little more fun with unique gift and design products and a wide range in terms of living, cooking and garden.
styling/photos and/opinion by elvs