table love

"focused on the simplicity of design and the quality of craftsmanship and construction" 

sometimes all you need
is a beautiful handcrafted hardwood desk and an office...

 this weekend I admired this stunning table designed by Feist forest folk
 Feist forest folk is a collaboration of Vicky Turner, Ben Algar and the 
Sutton brothers and based in an old tin tabernacle in Devon UK. 

 Their first design (made from british Ash tree wood), 
"the Ashling" is hand painted using a matt black organic stain/lacquer 
with a protective natural matt hard wax oil tabletop

 just perfect to start this new workweek...
wish you all a happy one!

read all about the feist forest table here

                                                                                                                              found via "my unfinished home" with thanks!