instagram moments

ooow... how I love Instagram!!!
  I have said it before but in a short time I really have become an true addict,
  it has become one of my favorite places to be inspired but most of all 
it has brought me a lot of new friends,  inspiration, fun and some 
amazing moments that really made me proud: 

So I was invited to join an amazing IG #stylingcompetition with some
of my greatest examples of the scandanavian styling world this year, 
I was interviewed by the Wallstreet journal about
 instagram, my blog and creating still-lifes, 
I was included by @instagram in their "suggested users list", 
I was a little part of the epicurean edition of Llamas Valley magazine
where you could find me in a feature about bloggers and their kitchens
and  i'm so proud...  a little while ago I was asked to join a new series 
for dutch interior VT wonen magazine called "klein woongeluk"
Today I admired the beautiful collage in the January issue,
that they have made of some of my pictures... and I thought to myself... 
Yes... Instagram really brought me a lot of...

Thank you all for following, your friendship and all your sweet
comments and messages... that really makes me smile!


  1. Wauw wat supergaaf Elvera! Natuurlijk helemaal terecht dat ze je daarvoor vroegen. Wat bijzonder wat IG en bloggen allemaal kan brengen. Benieuwd naar jouw woongeluk in de VT wonen! Pascale X

  2. Wat een geweldig wat Instagram je heeft gebracht afgelopen jaar. Ik geniet altijd volop van jouw mooie foto's en ook van de mooie inspiratie op je blog! Ik wens je hele fijne feestdagen met je familie. Liefs, Margreet

  3. All deserved! Your instagram account is gorgeous!

  4. Super bijzonder Elvera! Je foto's zijn heel erg gaaf, of je nu natuur of een 'shelf', prachtige beelden!
    Liefs! Robine