# on my shelf - Northern Winds

One of my favourite hashtags on instagram is the #onmyshelf one
just love to admire all these beautiful styled shelves
 (or whatever used... tables, cabinets, cupboard)
 but most of all the added personal touch 
gives us the idea getting to know each other a little bit...
and that is what attracts me most!

Because it thought it would be fun to share and to
be inspired by each other's creative ideas
  a little while ago I asked :Would you like to share your #shelf?? 
Allesandra has send me a very spontaneous mail and joined in!

Allesandra is an Italian designer and blogger living in Buenos Aires 
Her blog Northern winds  is all about interior (with a crash on the scandanavian style),
decoration, lifestyle and photography,
 it's the place where she collects all the beautiful images that inspires her creativity

Allesandra wrote me: 

I saw on your blog that you are posting about shelfies and I'd like to
 share mine  with you and your readers. It's nothing special, just a few objects 
that are important  to me these days or that I'm currently using. 

Over an Ikea Besta cabinet found place two drawings from my mother,
 just in front of them there is a little mango plant that I 
reproduced from the nut of a fruit we ate and a  piece of wood 
smoothed by water that my husband found in a lake in Patagonia. 

The Vitra tool box is also here these days, full with pencils, 
rubbers and all I need for my projects, next to it there are a few magazines that I love and
 that need to stand out so I don't  get crazy finding them, 
on their top there is watercolour from  belgian artist Koen Ivens,
 featuring a Roman landscape, and a mate providing the extra energy
 I need to face this frenetic city.

 Finally you can spot an origami book I made a couple of months ago during a boring rainy weekend and on top of it a wool hat, that is actually one of those travellers around the house.

All these objects together are quite representative of my life, 
 there is Italy, there is Argentina, there is my family and 
the one I built, there are my projects... 
 it's  incredible how decoration reveals so much about us!

Ps. Would you like to share your #shelf?? Feel free to join in.. and send me a mail!