new handles

Since longer time I have wanted to restyle our VTwonen cupboard
the original plastic handles didn't fit anymore...
 they bored us and I was looking for something new and special
 when I met Tessa,  one of the owners of  Nu interieur|ontwerp,
 at a bloggersmeeting a while ago.
She told me all about the different handles and grips
they have designed and produced and
 I must say they really caught my eye from the moment that I saw them 

The standard collection handles and grips comes in four colours: 
white, black, cognac and grey and are available in three sizes: S, M and L
Besides the standard colours they also provide limited edition handles

I have choosen the white leather handles because I wanted to keep
 the minimalistic look of the cupboard and 
I just love their beautiful and simple form they are a real accession  - they inspired me for a little changingmood  -  and once again
 I found out that little details really make the difference!

see more here and be inspired 
by more gorgeous products of Nu interieur| ontwerp

Have a happy new week!

stool: ikea - painted black pumpkins : diy by me - magazine: kinfolk - walnut pin: nu interieur|ontwerp
instapoloraids: viamartine - photos: elle magazine - prints: aprilandmayshoppinterest