# on my shelf - Suus loves -

One of my favourite hashtags on instagram is the #onmyshelf one
just love to admire all these beautiful styled shelves
 (or whatever used... tables, cabinets, cupboard)
 but most of all the added personal touch 
gives us the idea getting to know each other a little bit...
and that is what attracts me most!

because it thought it would be fun to share and to
be inspired by each other's creative ideas 
 I have asked some bloggers/IGers to share their "shelfies"
  accompanied by some words or a short story... 

this week Susanne  - winner of the Dutch mom Blog talent award 
and founder of the inspiring blog "Suus loves" shares hers...

Susanne wrote me: 

On this shelf (in my bedroom) you can find my last purchases and gifts
First of all and very present is the "P" print. Our last name starts with the letter P 
and family is very important to me. My three men mean everything to me!

I bought the beautiful copper coloured glass boxes a little while ago 
at the Amsterdam Woonbeurs where I was on a quick shopping tour with 
Christine (house of C) and Elvera after joining a little styling event 
organized by the bloggerscafé/woonbeurs people.
I really like the simplicity of the boxes and they are perfect
 for decorative purposes and to show some of my beautiful stuff!
In the boxes you can see a paper ornament of house doctor -  love its beautiful shape -  
and in the little box there's a pink quartz.  I really believe in the power of gemstones. 

The "que le fuck" print, designed by Maaike Koster of the my deer artshop,  is smashing!
 it makes me chuckle...  it's a bit rebellious and I love that!!!
 It really makes me smile every time I see it ;-) 

The dots by Muuto are so beautiful...  I have them in three different sizes. 
Just love the texture of wood. In our home you can find a lot of wooden accessories 
combined  with white, pastel shades and a touch of black.

I also found the stunning black star (house doctor) at the woonbeurs while we 
did some prop shopping.   It reminds me of the very nice and inspiring afternoon
 that we spent together while creating a stilllife at the bloggerscafĂ©/woonbeurs event
 (the star was actually meant to be a part of that stilllife).
During Christmastime, the star will get a nice spot in our living room!

On the photo below you can see an other shelf at my house. 
This one is in our living room where I created a little "autumn mood" corner. 
This branch is so beautiful! 
Normally I don't like colourfull details but in this case I loved the contrast 
of the  white background, the wooden door of the Cabinet 
and the red berries at the branch. 

  Ps. Would you like to share your #shelf?? Feel free to join in.. and send me a mail! 
photos Suus loves