# on my shelf - Alet of Stoermetaal

One of my favourite hashtags on instagram is the #onmyshelf one
just love to admire all these beautiful styled shelves
 (or whatever used... tables, cabinets, cupboard)
 but most of all the added personal touch 
gives us the idea getting to know each other a little bit...
and that is what attracts me most!
because it thought it would be fun to share and to
be inspired by each other's creative ideas 
 I have asked some of my favourite bloggers/IGers to share their "shelfies"
  accompanied by some words or a short story... 

 I always had lot's of fun during the styling- and shooting days
with the lovely ladies of dutch webshop Stoer Metaal  
one of the faces behind the webshop is Alet
this week she shares her shelfie

Alet wrote me:

I have lots of shelves in my home, but this one is my favourite at this moment.
 I really like to move stuff around, so it looks a bit different every week!

 The newest item on the shelf is the antler on the shield.
 I bought it at the Burberry Antique stand while I was visiting the 
Amsterdam Woonbeurs  last week.
Despite that I already have 3 antler skulls this one is special because the others
 have no shield and they're without the informing text on th skull that says 
on which day the deer is shot; this one was shot 1917 in Hersbach. 
I love to add old items in my house to give it a more personal touch. 

 I found the bird house, which is next to the antler,
 in a one euro shop, my son loved it so much...
The zig zag paper was the packaging of the nice ABC poster
that I bought  at the twenty-somethin.nl shop.
I think some things are so nice to recycle and I love to show 
or use them in another way then they were really ment for. 
Just like I did with the wrapping papper, It has become a little art work!

 Also love my ABC poster a lot,  I haven't seen this one much around. 
The cross on my shelf is repainted in black,  when I received it,  
as a small instaswap gift from an IG friend (@leeffstijl),  
it was painted in grey chalkpaint. 
 The cross is hung on a wire, to prevent holes in my wall ;) 
That's also the reason why I choose to attache the poster
 on the wall with masking tape.

My shelf is in my kitchen, and it's almost the first thing I see when I enter
 the home through the backdoor. 
 It always makes me happy to see all my nice items together, 
but my husband thinks otherwise sometimes... 
Especially about the fact that I hide the electric socket with my stuff!
 I really love the lighting above my shelf. 
They are formal bike lights, and they also refer to Sil (my husband) 
 his hobby; restoring old motor bikes.
So no complains from him about the lights;)

My style is so different and hard to explain.
 I like old things, with an industrial or tough look but I also like to add new, modern things 
mostly in black and white, I always love that combination!

you can find Alet (stoermetaal) at IG here

  Ps. Would you like to share your #shelf?? Feel free to join in.. and send me a mail! 
photos Alet - stoermetaal

leaving for a couple of days to the southcoast of Holland (Zeeland)
for a little autumn holiday break with my family...
See you all next week!