# on my shelf - Hege in france

One of my favourite hashtags on instagram is the #onmyshelf one
just love to admire all these beautiful styled shelves

 (or whatever used... tables, cabinets, cupboard)
 but most of all the added personal touch 
 gives us the idea getting to know each other a little bit...
and that is what attracts me most!

because it thought it would be fun to share and to
be inspired by each other's creative ideas 
 I have asked some of of my favourite bloggers to share their "shelfies"
  accompanied by some words or a short story... 

this week Hege Morris -  founder of the always inspiring blog
(love her Tuesday tips and diy projects)  Hege in France 
and nominated for an Amara Interior Blog Award
 (category - best design inspiration blog)
shares hers... 

Hege wrote me: 

I've had this IKEA shelf for ages and not known where to put it. 
Last week I realised that it fits on the wall behind 
the door to our bedroom, with only a couple of centimetres to spare.
 It has transformed the empty space completely
 and it's a lot more pleasant to enter the room. 

I've decided to put things that inspire me on the new shelf. 
I'm a believer in city centres as I don't like shopping centres. 
I prefer small independent shops instead of seeing the same shops everywhere,
 so when I found this quote in ID magazine I instantly ripped it out! 
Since moving back to Scotland I'm totally obsessed with
 the architecture  in the city centres here. 
The buildings are amazing!
It's a shame to see some towns struggle with 
competition from large shopping centres.  

A colour I really like this season is dark green like on the page
 with the guy with the tattoos (love tattoos!).
 I've just had a tester pot of paint made up in that colour 
- it's called Peacock Blue.
 I'm not sure what to do with it yet,
 but there's probably a DIY project to come on my blog. 

I know my new shelf will constantly be changing, but I like that. 
I think change it's good for you. 

 Ps. Would you like to share your #shelf??  Feel free to join in.. and send me a mail!