shoplove - la maison pernoise

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as I told you in my earlier post we have visited a lot of 
"must sees" during our holiday in provence
 ofcourse we also did some shopping and 
 I just had to go to the Concept store 'La Maison Pernoise'
of sweet Lau de Casalil and her team
 where we were welcomed with a big smile and a nice cup of coffee.

The store (opened july 2013)  is located in a beautiful industrial 
building (a former atelier of an upholsterer) in the middle
 of the Provence at Pernes la Fontaines 
and I was so pleasantly surprised  by their beautiful 
eclectic selection of furniture , home accesories (oooh these lamps and prints),
 fashion, magazines, kids products and much more. 

Just loved the inspiring styled corners, great moodboards

 and the combination of beautiful new products 

with the warm but raw industrial atmosphere 

 beautiful imperfection as Lau said... 

definitely worth a visit if you are in the area of Avignon
 to be inspired, to find original accesories/ideas to decorate your home
or to follow one of the different workshops that Lau organizes!

ps. find more photos on my instagram here