igpics elvs

starting my weekend with some of my latest ig-shots
this week was really a great one
I am so honoured and proud,
a little while ago I was interviewed by the Wallstreet journal about
 instagram, my blog and creating still-lifes 
and it was so great to find one of my IG-pictures in that paper
last weekend (find the article here)
and yesterday I received an email from Instagram saying
 they included me in their "suggested users list"
 because they love my account and they see me as a model instagrammer
that really made me smile ;-) 

I know I have said it before
but I love to share inspiration and to be inspired by the pictures of
everyone's life, adventures, nature and beautiful homes
thank you all so much!!
you can find me on instagram here

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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it's open for everyone and closes next week