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I love the beautiful minimalistic work of Cathérine Lovatt 
and I know there are many of you who love it too...  
so I am so happy to have Cathérine's giveaway on the blog today
such an amazing start of this new week!

 For this giveaway you have a choice between three different produkts of the family series

What can you win?
a grey ceramic candleholder (small) or
* a white ceramic candleholder (large) or
* a set of wall vases (a large and a small one)

How to join in the giveaway:
- leave a message in this post and let us know what product you prefer to win 
be or become a member of my blog or like elv's on facebook 

to make an extra chance to win: 
share the banner above on your blog or FB page and link to the giveawaypost 

good luck!

If you didn't already know...
Cathérine Lovatt was born in Ypres in 1966 and grew up in the North of France.
She studied ceramics at the Sint-Lucas Ghent Institute where she graduated in 1989.
Currently she works as a freelance ceramic artist (Designer) for different companies (as serax
Her specialties are porcelain vases and objects combined with other materials.

Catherine told me "The designs I have realized so far, are usually the result of experiments: 
I try, select and on the basis of those experiences I develop the design. 
These creations often leads to other new designs. Some designs are more abstract, 
but usually I make things that make sense.  The starting point for the series ' Family set ' 
are geometric shapes (Cone and cylinder). Simple and minimalistic. First, for me, 
 aesthetics have everything to do with the logic of the object, 
with how material, production and functionality fit together."

this giveaway is CLOSED!