Lau de casalil 

# We moved last summer from Lille (North of France) to Provence... 
    We just missed the sun &light too much!  Very happy in our new place despite 
    the fact it is Very Small... Although we have to be clever as using little corners like functionnal rooms... 
    And to focus on "wide effect"...    everything becomes White at the moment!!! #

I know I have said it before... but this time I was so lucky to receive 
these beautiful pictures of this very clever #instacorner 

while watching some beautiful interior instagram pictures the other day, 
 I was wondering...   what would be their favorite corner at their home...
I asked some of these beautymakers to send one picture simply 
supplemented with some words... 

This week sweet Lau of the casalil blog and the marie clair maison.com blog 
has send me her favorite pictures and she will take us on her little #instacorner tour 

 you can find Lau on instagram here 


 ps. are you on instagram? let me know and let's meet :-)