maybe like you all know...I can spend hours and hours on Instagram... 
just admiring... or just having sneakpeeks in someones lives and homes... it's such fun! 

while watching her amazing lifestyle and nature instagram's of the Norwegian woods             
           I was wondering...    what would be her favorite corner at her home...
  I asked  Irene of the always inspiring blog Loppelilla,  to send one picture 
                 simply supplemented with some words...  and this is her #instacorner

# This is my favorite corner at the moment:) I love my old carpenter bench, and I like using it in 
different ways:)  As a serving table, or as a working bench...even my husband loves it:) #

                                 you can find Irene Finne on instagram here 

                          ps. are you on instagram? let me know and let's meet :-)