# one of my favorites corners is my office, we don't have much space in the house 
so it's a small office, but I try to be comfortable and surrounded by details that I love. 
I spend most of my time there, that's why I decorated it to be a comfy, happy place.#

ooow I admit... Instagram is one of my favorite places to be inspired at this moment.
I love the versatility... I can spend hours and hours... 
 just admiring or just having sneakpeeks in someones live and home... 

I little while ago i have asked some of these beautymakers to send me a picture and 
this week Mariela of the beautiful blog, full of diy projects and decoration ideas,  
one happy mess  has send me her favorite #instacorner 
supplemented with some words.... 

I hope this beautiful workspace will inspire you this mondaymorning...
and I wish you all a happy new week!

you can find one happy mess on instagram here 
are you on instagram? let me know and let's meet :-)


  1. Ik had het nog niet eerder geschreven, maar dit is een leuk onderwerp zo icm instagram! Heerlijk werkplekje, ik wou dat de mijne er zo uitzag, moet er toch eens iets aan doen ;)

    Fijne week, liefs..

  2. Thank you so much for show my corner, I'm so happy!!

    Have a lovely day and week!!

    Hugs xx

  3. j'aime beaucoup l'univers de mariela...merci de nous le faire partager!! :)
    belle soirée

  4. Nice workingarea! One Happy Mess is a nice blog and I will follow it. Thanks Elv's for this post.