love the elegant contrast of the wire frame to the soft padded cushion of this easy chair of studio WM...
                                                                   and the great styling by freckle

A new week...  today it's back to school day... 
no more vacation, no more summer mode
the return to normal life.... 
I will start this week with a short day at the office... 
- that will probably last longer than an ordinary working day - 
just can't wait...  
to hear the happy "after-school" story's...

Wish you all a happy new week!

                                                                                 picture Paul schipper


  1. I have the same :))) my boy goes to preschool... :)) have a week full of happy stories:))

  2. Mooi foto, idd de eerste reacties zijn het leukst als ze net thuiskomen. Vers!

  3. Mooie foto! En hoe waren de after-school verhalen?! Bedankt voor het opzoeken van een site waar ze die leuke lichtslinger verkopen. Super lief! En hoe leuk! Je bent 1 van 'Meet the bloggers'! Als ik die dag kom, kom ik even hoi zeggen. Als je niet te druk bent tenminste :-)

    Liefs Lisanne

  4. love this pics!
    hope it was a good frst-day-of-school...

    Thank you sooo much for the congratulations today!!

  5. Love that pic!! is beautiful and that chair is lovely!

    I hope it was a great first day!!!

    Big hug and thank you for your kind words in my blog.

  6. Oh I love the yellow chair. I am looking for a pillow in that coluor and I hope I will find it soon. Have a great day! Victoria