let's meet at the Woonbeurs...

yesterday the "Amsterdam Woonbeurs" - the biggest dutch interior and design fair - 
has been opened... and all these sneakpeeks that I saw at 
http://live.woonbeurs.nl/ are sóóó inviting!

Tomorrow the 27th from 10.00 till 22.00 I will be live blogging from the blogger 
rooms at the Woonbeurs "designcity" with my blog blogfriend Christine 
of House of C and several others  and we would love to meet and greet you there! 
Ofcourse you can follow me by instagram for live -pictures 

Let's meet... it will be fun  :-) 

ps.  dutch visitors :
 te gekke donderdag #woonbeursaktie bij HouseofC en Elv's
Win 101woonideeen jaarabonnement!!!! #let's meet and see how! #designhal 



  1. oh so exciting! Too bad it's a bit far away for me. But I look forward to your posts about it. Have a nice day!

  2. Sounds like so much fun!! I'll be follow you by Instagram : )

    Enjoy and have a great time there!!


  3. Ik kom zeker even langs op het designplein! Succes morgen! groetjes Greta

  4. Hey Elvira..
    Heel veel succes. Het zal vast en zeker weer top zijn allemaal.
    Ik ga zaterdag lekker ff neuzen overal.
    Fijne dag en lieve groetjes, Elly