give-away-day... choose your own prize!


As promised....
let's start this weekend with a give-away!

What can you win? 
a great oppurtunity to shop the most beautiful articles with this...
hegeinfrance.com giftcard value 75 euro!
Choose your favorite prize!!!

If you didn't already know...
Hegeinfrance.com is a recently started online shop where they offer 
designer- and reproduction furniture as well as rusty vintage items that 
owner Hege has discovered at local markets in the South west of France 
but were you also can find a great collection of masking tape, 
wallstickers and other beautiful decoration articles.
Check out her wonderful shop!

This is how to join in:
for 1 chance leave a comment + become member of elv's blog (or FB) +
let me know your favorite article from  hegeinfrance.com

for 2 chances all of the above + Link to my giveaway with the picture above

for 3 chances all of the above + share this post

Good luck!
 thank you for visiting Elv's
and for all your nice comments!

Have a very nice weekend:-)

thanks hegeinfrance.com 

 the winner will be drawn by Hege the 20th of May...


  1. Oh, what an exciting give away! I would love to join!
    I love Hege's shop, and my favourite products are The Calebas vase, Alphabet letters and of course the reproduction Eames.
    I would also love to be in for an extra chance by sharing this post in my
    next post :)
    Crossing my fingers :) Happy friday! Hugs <3

  2. Hallo Elv,

    wat een geweldige Give Away is dit. Ik kende Hege al, maar evenzeer blijft het leuk om op haar site rond te struinen. Mijn all-time favourite is de stoel "Le Bruno" in het wit! Zo'n eenvoudig, puur en sterk ontwerp. Zie 'm stiekem al aan m'n tafel staan ;-)
    Ik was ook al lid van je blog, van je Facebookpagina én van Hege's pagina :-)
    Heb zelf geen blogje, maar ga deze Give Away delen op mijn Facebookwall.

    Altijd weer leuk om uit te kijken naar een nieuw blogpost van je, ik ben dol op je stijl!

    Veel geluk aan iedereen die meedoet :-)

    Fijn weekend,

    Tiene x

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  4. Hi!, what a great give away!, amazing, I love Hege's shop and her blog, she is so sweet. Well I love everything in her store haha!, but my favorites , Reproduction Eames hang it all coat rack, Calebas vase and Handmade coasters set of 4. I am going to post this giveaway in my blog. Have a wonderful day, big hug!.

  5. I'm already a fan of Hege´s blog, it's lovely as well as her shop, and I have to say that I love love love the Eames chairs reproductions, my favourites!

  6. Hi! Hege is amazing! the letterpress products are my favorites in the shop.
    I'm a member now. Gracias!

  7. Valérie { Atelier rue verte }Friday, May 04, 2012

    Hello , super ton concours !!!
    Bon , je participe à ton concours , je vais mettre un lien ce soir avec la photo de ton concours sur mon blog, je suis déjà amie avec toi sur Facebook et mon petit commentaire sur ton blog, ce que j'aime bien dans la boutique Hege in France se sont les rééditions des fauteuils Eames ... Voilà , j'espère que je n'ai rien oublié . Bonne soirée Valérie

  8. Bonjour,
    c'est par l'intermédiaire du blog de Hege in France que je découvre votre blog !
    Je suis désormais fan de votre page FB (compte Maud Clochard).
    J'adore les articles du shop Hege, et si je devais choisir mon préféré je dirai le rocking chair (rééditions des fauteuils eames).
    Merci pour ce concours et je crois les doigts !

  9. Prachtige foto! Past perfect bij jouw stijl, erg mooi. En een give-away is natuurlijk altijd erg leuk! Ik heb 'm op een blog gezet! Just in case.....
    ;-) En om natuurlijk een beetje reclame voor je te maken! :-) Hug


  10. 2 x gedeeld op FB Elvera! hopen dat ik win!!!
    Ben gek van de Trio side table + + +
    Leuke aktie!

  11. Love the eames of course...

    Love, Lise

    1 Change

  12. Lovely site!!

    Even if it is hard to choose, I'd choose the LOL side table. Just love that one. Or should I...

    too many nice things to choose from for sure. :-)

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  14. I love the RAR reproduction chair, in black.

    I'll link this on my blog and I'm a follower, so that'll be two chances for me!:)

  15. Oeh, de Reproduction Eames DAR chair!
    Geweldige give away!!
    Ik ben al volger, heb een de foto met link op mijn blog geplaatst, net aangemeld op FB en gedeeld op mijn pagina.. tevens me aangemeld onder mijn bedrijfsprofiel en wederom je foto gedeeld zodat hij ook op mijn FB pagina van FRIVOLE wordt vermeld!
    Haha, ben erg enthousiast ^_^

    Leuk, leuk!

  16. Er zijn ondertussen al heel wat reacties, leuk!
    Ik heb inmiddels de website goed bekeken en ik zou voor de large industrial letter D gaan of the reproduction Eames DAW chair.
    En dan nu afwachten.... ;-)

  17. Ahh, what an amazing price!!!
    I´m all in for this one...
    : )

    Have a lovely sunday!!!

  18. Love the prize!
    Here is my favorite item:

    I`ll share the giveaway on my facebook page.
    Hugs E

  19. Hi.

    I'll take my 2 chances, trying to win.
    I loved the iron tray and off course the Eams.

    Cross my fingers...

    Hugs, Mona C (Norway).

    PS Please, feel free to join my giveaway too...

  20. Hi! What a nice blog you have!

    I´ve followed Hege a while and I´m really fascinated and inspired by her blog, pictures and shop. The shop has a lot of things on my wishlist, but today my favorite is the table La Bruna in white.

    To chances;-) Thanks!

    Have a nice evening!

  21. Wowww, wat een te gekke give away!!

    Ik doe mee, voor 3 kansen:
    1. Ik volg je blog via RSS + ik like nu je facebook
    2. Ik deelde je berichtje op Facebook
    3. Ik ga NU de foto in mijn zijbalk zetten

    En ohwja mijn favoriet is iets wat al heeeeel lang op mijn lijstje staat: http://www.hegeinfrance.com/Large_alphabet_RARE/p1184482_5787198.aspx

    En verder wens ik je een hele fijne week toe, liefs

  22. Hi there:)
    What a wonderful give-away!!
    I love Hegeinfrance-shop:)

    My favorite are all the Eames chairs - love them!!

    2 chances - and cross my fingers:)

    Have a nice dag:)

  23. Å så mye fint Hegeinfrance har i butikken sin. Jeg elsket La Bruna sidetable i hvitt. Kanskje jeg vil bruke gavekortet på det? En eames er også en favoritt. Billige de var her i forhold til hjemme!! Liker også the houserules!!

    Altså, mye fint hos Hege!!

    Klem Tonje

  24. Bonsoir,
    C'est la première fois que je viens visiter votre blog, merci à Hege pour cette jolie découverte. Je ne manquerais pas de revenir, j'aime votre page Facebook... et les rééditions Eames de la boutique Hege in France.
    A bientôt.

  25. What a great give away!
    I love the Hege's boutique. My favorite articles are the Joseph Mathieu vintage chair and the Eames chair. Simply beautiful!

    Thank you!

  26. oh i love heges shop and blog, so i will take part in this giveaway :)) i am excited!!
    i am a member of your blog and my favorite thing from heges shop is the letter press that says "you&me"...
    have a nice evening, svenja


  27. What a great give away!

    Joseph Mathieu vintage is my favorite article from: hegeinfrance.com - may be I buy that chair or something others if I get the giftcard value 75 euro !!!

    3 chances for me <3

    Best from


    in Norway <3<3<3

  28. Mon article préféré : les chaises Eames bien-sûr !
    Merci Hege.

  29. No doubt: the Eames DSW in white. (How beautiful can a chair be, seriously?!)
    Have also blogged about your give away on my blog (link in my profile).

  30. Hi Elv, one of my favourite articles on the Hege in France shop are the vintage letterpress.
    I've shared your giveaway on facebook and twitter as my blog is under contruction. Already a facebook fan :)
    All the best for your blog

  31. Hello,

    1 chance for me please :-)
    Became a fan on Facebook and my favorite article is the Rocking Chair!

  32. Great blog!!

    And thanks very much for this wonderful give away!!
    This is so delightful to travel from blog to blog and discover new adresses...
    I liked your FB page, and my favorite article from Hege definitely is the RAR reproduction!!!

    *Hard finger-crossing*

  33. 2 chances :-)
    I really like the white Eames rocking chair...and also the white vase...hard to choose :-)

  34. I have a whole house to furnish so it will be a hard choice. Maybe the lamps, or candlesticks or an eames chair........or or or.......

  35. Super give-away, ik doe mee!!
    Mijn favoriete item van Hege in france zijn de Joseph Mathieu stoel, de letterpress en natuurlijk de eames stoel (wit).
    Volg je inmiddels en heb de give-away afbeelding met link op m'n blog.

    Fijn weekend!!


  36. One chance for me! Beautilful blog. And I love Hege in France blog and her shop as well. :)
    I love Eames reproduction rocking chair.
    Hugs from Norway!

  37. Thank you Elv's and Hege in France! I love Eames reproduction chair.

  38. Merci pour ce concours, j'ai liké la page facebook (jadheo)
    Et j'aime beaucoup, beaucoup le rocking chair Eames en blanc..