to share....

                                                  pictures Anthony Favazza

Painted brick walls,  a concrete counter and a vintage desk lamp... 
What a stunning entry!

This "it never stops raining" day brought my thoughts to this great
restaurant in Milan called U Barba!

An beautiful industrial space full of vintage findings 
and an outdoor dinning terrace with 
an adjoining bocce court for after-dinner games....  

They opened their restaurant last summer... 
so maybe you have already seen these pictures...
 but this sunny laid-back place is what I needed right now!

To share.... my sunny thoughts!


  1. Brilliant place! Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks for the translation!
    Have a nice evening! Hege x

  2. I'll check it out as soon as I can. I live very close to Milan. I hope the food is as interesting as the design

    1. I'm curious just like you! The atmosphere at these pictures is great anyway... lot's of wood... these long tables... or just a sunny place outside... If you go... Please let me now :-)

  3. I love all those antique wood pieces. Chairs, table, cabinet. Lovely patina on all of them. Have you been to the restaurant?

    1. No I have never been there... Must be a great atmosphere in- and outside :-) It looks so great and relaxed... I would love to have a dinner over there... watching my children playing at the court! :-) Have a great evening!

    2. I'm guessing that Beantwooden means reply ;)

      I just got back from Easter holiday and it ook about 2h at my dayjob before the calm and in control feeling in my stomach disappeared and I started feeling like a stressed out panic attack. lol.

      I would definitely love sittin there as well. I'll be watching your kids play though as I don't have any yet :)

      Hope your Easter holiday was lovely

  4. wow this place is amazing!!
    thanks for sharing this lovely find!!!