excitement and serenity...

After all the excitement of the last days we had a lovely quiet and lazy day today!

It was...  Amazing!
Thank you so much for all your enthusiastic, kind and nice reaktions after 
It was really overwhelming... 

And... I have also passed the 100 members.... This is so much fun!

To celebrate and to welcome all new followers 
I think it's time to have an Elv's giveaway very soon!
Check my blog regularly or better become a member so you can not miss it!

Have a fantastic week :-)


  1. Jaaa, ik ben je ook gaan volgen nav de prachtige foto's in de 101...
    Prachtig, je blog..
    Dank je voor je reactie op mijn blog, erg leuk om te lezen..

  2. Nothing like a lazy day. The rain finally stopped and I got time to go for a long walk with a good friend. So nice to get some fresh air as I spend all week in the office (my day job). Glad you've enjoyed this Sunday. A giveaway sounds exciting :)

  3. Lazy Sunday: met de handen in de aarde wroeten!
    Ben lekker aan het werk in de tuin geweest en nu nog even lekker bloggen. Time flies!
    Serenity foto's: weer heerlijk om te bekijken! Tnx!

  4. bonne semaine à toi elv's et bravo pour le magazine!!! :))

  5. love your pictures. love the 'thing' you have made (?).
    have a sunny day. ulrika