Today is a good day... for a Liebster!

First I really want to thank you all for visiting my blog and for all these kind
comments you leave! They give me lot's of energy and inspiration... 
I really enjoy making my blog and every new member brings a big smile on my face! 

So please feel free to join in... You're very welcome!

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Like a said... Today is a good day! I'm so happy and surprised :-)
Today I received my fifth Liebster blog award from sweet 365 ting jeg liker!

Now it really seems that the award is travelling in a
circle because for about a week ago
Banebakken picked me up as her choice
for the Liebster.
Ofcourse I'm very very happy that it came back to me for the fifth time  :-)

Thank you so much 365 ting jeg liker for given me the award!
These 5 great blogs are the ones that I picked up: 

Bring them a visit and you'll really enjoy yourself on their inspiring blogs!

Have a nice evening ...