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editing at elv’s

by JUSTINE on MARCH 15, 2012

Like many people, popping over to Elv’s has become part of my daily routine. That’s because Elv is the creator of a wonderful, eponymous blog that chronicles her ever-evolving decor. It’s fun to behold Elv’s myriad inspirations. But what is really amazing about Elv is her ability to continually change things while still completely remaining true to her overall design scheme.
Elv lives with her husband and two sons in a modern town house in the former Dutch East India Company town of .....       

I little while ago I was approached by Justine, a - life-long-design-o-phile, 
who lives outside of Boston in the US .... 
She wanted to make a feature about my - as she described it - "non-static" home using my own photos and asking me questions  - trying to find out or delve into- what makes a home so special about .  

I was really honoured she asked me and toke part in, I replied all Justine's questions - in my best English :-) and what you see above is a very little introduction of the extensive version of the - as I may say so :-) beautiful - - feature that it has become...  made by Justine!

Since yesterday you can find it online.... 
Hope you'll enjoy it... Let me know!

I invite you to take a look at the very inspiring Designskool!

Have a very nice weekend!