The beautiful work of....

photo Janne Peters photography - vases for karakter

photo Julian Mährlein - vases for karakter

photo Nina Struve - Milchmomente

photos Stefan thurmann - lampe petits freres 

photos Stefan thurmann - lampe petits freres 


This weekend a beautiful picture with the lamps of Milia Seyppel caught my 
attention in a dutch magazine.

Milia Seyppel is a designer and works on independent design projects in Hamburg.
With her "Petits freres" lamps - which consist five floor- and hanging lamps,  
she won the 2012 Time Design Award by Danish Art Workshops, Normann Copenhagen, 
Dansk Dynamit, OeO and the Danisch Ass. of Wood and Furniture Industries. . 

A wonderful addition to the already wonderful work of Milia Seppel.
An industrial profile - straight lines, shapes and sharp edges -
To admire....  

photo Nana Kreutzmann