tabouret, stool and fancy table addiction

Something  started as a neccesity due to our small living room has become my personal addiction... I love all these kind of tabourets, stools and fancy tables and they are great to create  another livingroom with just a little change of tabouret and some gadgets.. I really  love transforming!  
This week I found a new stool again and it was love at first sight just like as with all the others :-)


  1. Found your blog today..it looks great..
    Have a nice weekend

  2. You shouldn´t be surprised : )
    I really love your style, and think you take inspiring
    pictures - I´m really looking foreward
    to follow you in the future!
    Have a nice weekend as well : )

  3. Oh, this brings back memory... i had the same sofa...really loved it but then my cat got ill and started peeing on it and eventually we had to throw it away (the sofa not the cat :))...
    You have a very inspiring blog, dear!