empty room feeling

A new year... a new blog year! I hope you will enjoy as much as I enjoy my favorite blogs...  they give me lots of inspiration!
Maybe you recognize the "empty room feeling" after cleaning up the christmas decoration? These days I spend reading my magazines,  looking for some new ideas and getting used to my "old new home".  Fortunately, I've already found... no... i crushed... on Ikea's lamp Böja... I  Love this raw treasure of bamboo in my  house!


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  2. wauw it looks like my own room with the IKEA basket and the star behind it ;)

  3. @ Chennai Office Interiors thank you for visiting my blog and leaving these kind words :-)
    @ vosges paris yep they both survived the (pre) christmas clean up ;-) they're to beautiful and tough!! It's funny... that we share the love for the same accesoires! maybe that's why i admire your way of decorating soo much!

  4. I wish my room looked like that!!